Tell Three Friends! - Ornamental Ponds, Waterfalls, Streams
Products: All Heavy Duty, Professional Grade
There is a world of difference out there in the marketplace! The water garden products available in the big "box stores" don't begin to compare to the bigger, heavier professional products. They are, for the most part, undersized and under powered. For a few dollars more, today's homeowner can have a professionally built water feature that not only is highly functional, it is extremely beautiful as well. It is a combination of art and science.
Skimmers - 5 Sizes
Waterfall Filters - 5 Sizes
Pondless Water Features
Pumps - 1200 gallons per hour to 10,000 gph  
EPDM Rubber Liner                
Pond Accessories - heavy duty flex hose, check valves, UV sterilizers and more
Underwater Pond Lighting and Foggers                
Maintenance Kits                   
Aquatic Plants - water lilies, marginal plants         
If you are in the market for components to build your own pond, give us a call. We will be happy to recommend the perfect "pond kit" for you. These products are designed to work together with optimum efficiency. We can get the right items to do the job right the first time, deliver them to your home and let you have all the fun of building the most beautiful water feature in your neighborhood.
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